it’s official, i’m cute!


let’s play “Where’s Wally Bursky” here. 😛

my classmate posted this picture on his facebook page and tagged me and a whole lot of others in it. and since tagging them meant i could easily click on their profiles, i started to see how much of these old classmates have changed physically and how they have grown since some even have families of their own now. i don’t recognize some of them anymore but in others, i still see the face i remember in grade school!

it’s a happy “reunion” of sorts being able to connect with them and discovering that you also are remembered and somehow “missed” by some of them even if your only conversation with them in grade school were about your toys, the latest X-Men cartoon, and you borrowing their crayon for  your school project. it’s really just a happy feeling that i’d just like to share. and so that they know that i also remember and miss them.


5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “it’s official, i’m cute!”

  1. Although I am not really much into Facebook, I really appreciate when there are long lost friends & acquaintances finding me there. The tagging of old photos included. 🙂 What I don’t like lang is that there are people who overly do the tagging (even for the non-relevant).

    PS. Ang hirap mo naman hanapin dyan sa class picture!

    click to enlarge


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