and it’s not just because i’m Catholic

i don’t know about you but this thing happening about RH bill and Carlos Celdran is just bothering me too much. i may not have formed a final decision on this but Carlos Celdran may just have clinched it for me… i cannot support something someone so arrogant can advocate, and still be considered a “hero” despite his unlawful protest.

The Revised Penal Code, Section IV, Articles 132 and 133 say:

Art. 132. Interruption of religious worship. — The penalty of prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any public officer or employee who shall prevent or disturb the ceremonies or manifestations of any religion.

If the crime shall have been committed with violence or threats, the penalty shall be prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods.

Art. 133. Offending the religious feelings. — The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon anyone who, in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful.

Clearly, there is a violation of the law.

Taking from Filipino eScribbles, i would propose the same situation: If Celdran had real balls and should Islam take a stand against RH Bill, would he protest inside a mosque? and would those outside Islam not consider his acts rude and uncalled for? i wonder if the 12,000++ people who “Liked” him on Facebook would still “Like” him. seriously, people… wasn’t that rude? wasn’t that arrogant?

i want him to stay in jail because what he did was against the law. i want him to learn respect.

you know what’s actually happening, don’t you? Celdran, inside his prison cell, became a celbrity — THE celebrity to talk about. and he can still sip his P145 coffee, socialize with his friends talking about the latest Apple products and DSLRs and tweet. yeah… my kind of “Rizal”.

and as for my personal informed choice, i think overpopulation is an illusion created by our Manila-centric (or in a more general term, urban-centric) culture. the solution to poverty is not to eliminate the poor (or at limiting their growth), but to share the nation’s wealth with them. something that Celdran and those in his social circles will probably be not willing to do.


6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “and it’s not just because i’m Catholic”

  1. if i remember celdran’s tv interview correctly, there was no mass going on. it was a meeting being done inside the church.

    but that being said, he did apologize for the method he used (not for the message he wanted to convey)

    i’m sorry but i do not accept the justification that “there was no mass going on”. it was an ecumenical service and eucharistic celebration which was on-going — a religious ceremony. (Art. 133) of course, if this was his interview, he’d naturally justify his actions… only to apologize later for the same.

    though he has a right to disagree with the Church (which i respect), then let him protest but not violating any laws.

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