when was the *hiccup* last time *hiccup* you *hiccup* had a hiccup? *hiccup*

random post today.

this morning, i woke up and had the hiccups. it has been over a year, i guess, since i last experienced having the hiccups. my tried and tested technique since childhood was to drink 5-7 gulps of water while holding my breath. unfortunately, this didn’t work this morning. i finished almost 2 glasses of water and… nothing! it was still there!

i tried to adjust my breathing by a little jogging-in-place inside the bathroom before taking my bath(dangerous i know but i was desperate! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!). i only got sweaty and the hiccups continued. this was getting really uncomfortable.

some say that it would disappear by itself. you just had to wait it out. i wasn’t willing to do that, though. perhaps food would appease the involuntary contraction, i guessed as i was getting dressed. as i left the room, i said to myself, “let’s try that again,” and drank 10 gulps without inhaling. i was out of breath naturally and waited… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… *hiccup~!*

failing yet once again, i was already thinking how i’d look like inside the jeep on my way to work — my fat jiggling with every hiccup. so i locked the door behind me, started for the road to the IKOT terminal and realized something. my hiccups were gone! šŸ˜€


5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “when was the *hiccup* last time *hiccup* you *hiccup* had a hiccup? *hiccup*”

  1. Nung bata pa ako, nilalagyan kame ng sinulid sa noo tapos pinapainom ng isang basong tubig. Nagwork naman. Pero ng tumanda na ako, I trashed the idea of thread, not relevant at all. Pero ang cute i-reminisce yung tradisyon na yun. Haha. Napansin ko pag mas intent tayo na alisin ang sinok, may tendency na mas matagal sya mawala. šŸ™‚

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