Katipunan’s latest boarder

as we all know, Katipunan Avenue is home to some of the best schools in the Philippines. You can pass by Miriam College, AdMU, and UP all in one Aegis birit-fest song chorus. and to the business minded, this could only mean income.

I think Katipunan is one big foodcourt. you have the high-end coffee shops (last count: 5), manang kendi and fishballs, fastfood chains, pizza, home cooked meals, small and cozy restaurants, American, Persian, Chinese… lahat na! and now there’s a new boarder — Mushroomburger!

Mushroomburger now occupies what used to be a Jollibee franchise right beside National Bookstore. When Red Ribbon closed their branch, Jollibee moved into its new building and vacated its old location. since Mushroomburger is now directly on the ‘babaan’ of commuters and those taking the overpass, (plus because it’s new!) people have been flocking to the store, myself included!

i never got the chance to eat in their original store in tagaytay so on its second day in katipunan, i decided to have breakfast. it was around 7:30. and the place was practically empty. and the crew were rushing to accommodate the couple on the counter. another man was reading his newspaper, seated in one of the rows of tables and chairs in the store, waiting for his order (he had a number on his table). i could already hear them say, “rice bowl lang po available for breakfast.and “10 mins. pa po eh...”, etc.

at least i had some early warning of what to expect when it was my turn to order. good thing i order the mushroom sandwich because it was already prepared so waiting time was just for the fries, just about 3 mins. but i had to compete for the cashier’s attention because another older woman (the manager perhaps?) was moving back and forth along the cash registers, dispensing and counting cash and coins and somewhat arguing with the crew members. tsk, tsk…

i had two other similar experiences in the store (can you tell if i like mushrooms yet? :P) — one last wednesday evening and another this morning (yung nasa picture!). and one conclusion — seriously undermanned. could ‘seriously’ be an understatement? i really mean bad-ass seriously undermanned!

my friends said that the tagaytay store had a more ‘lutong bahay’ feel so i guess being undermanned was part of the experience. but along katipunan where fastfood IS lutong-bahay (bukod pa sa instant coffee, instant noodles at instant pancit canton), they should up their performance a bit. malay naten, they could be the next Jollibee, diba?

as for the food, so far, the only one i enjoyed most was the mushroom sandwich. the mushroomburger royal is too salty and my dinner (burger steak) was so-so.

if you pass by katipunan one of these days, i would not really recommend going there if you’re with someone (officemates, friends, relatives) kasi baka mapahiya kayo sa tagal and quality of service. wait for them to improve their service perhaps? pero kung kayo-kayo lang naman na pamilya or ikaw lang mag-isa, i say give it a try. but my recommendation stays with the mushroom sandwich for now. 😀 saka na naten subukan yung iba. siguro after a week. 😉 hehe…


8 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Katipunan’s latest boarder”

  1. shaks… ang aga aga ito kagad nakita ko pagkain!!


    nagutom ako!!!


    huwaw sa katipunan lang pala to!!

    yep yep! bisita na, dali!!! 😉

  2. interesting!

    i love katipunan area because of it’s abundance of restaurants and karinderya 🙂

    wish ko nga lang sana eh wider sidewalks tapos more trees. para mas relaxed diba? 🙂

  3. may Mushroomburger na sa katips. Yehey nde ko na kailangan lumayo pa. Meryenda naman tau dyan bursky one time 🙂

    ui, i’d love that! agahan mo lang pag-plurk na aalis ka na. tatawid lang naman ako ng katipunan para makapunta dun eh! hehe

  4. wow! meron ng mushroomburger sa katipunan. pero sana meron na rin drive thru. hehehe.

    napaisip tuloy ako, kasi parang meron na din other branch sa QC yan eh. hindi ko lang maalala kung saan.

    i think west ave. 🙂 mas malapit lang ito sa amin. and sorry eds, walang drive-thru. 😦

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