handcrafted Filipino violins… that i can’t afford! LOL

finally found out how to commute papunta kina Mang Anghel from PHILCOA. andali lang pala! isang jeep lang sasakyan… yun lang P30 ang pamasahe at masakit sa pwet ang mahabang byahe. i think it’s just about an hour papunta sa kanila (4PM ako umalis ng PHILCOA at walang traffic. di din gaano hayok sa pasahero si manong driver kaya siguro mabilis ang byahe) at pagbaba mo sa jeep, konting lakad lang (as in wala pang 100 meters) eh shop na nila!

konting kuwentuhan, konting silip-silip sa mga current project, but the best part of my visit was that i got to play one of his creations! it’s a violin he made way back 1994 and he’s selling it for 80 tawsan pesosesoses! actually, may kukuha na daw nun. sabi ko eh post ko na lang pics, baka sakaling may kumuha ng 90k or 100k. Razz haha…

The 80 thousand-peso violin:

flames sa likod. sorry for the flash. point-and-shoot lang camera ko. wala ako magawa sa flash. Sad

as you can see, it’s 2 pieces of wood glued together. the ideal setup is that they should match/complement eachother. even if they don’t exactly match, the flames are still beautiful to look at with the varnish.

German Strad copy for repair

Mang Anghel said this is owned by someone in the medical profession and has been in their family for quite some time. i’m not sure how musically inclined they are but this must be a really treasured piece for them to have it restored instead of left dismembered.

a new violin, made-to-order by the Kabayaos’ neighbor(?)

this piece is brand new needs a lot of work, still. fingerboard, tailpiece, the pegs and end button must be glued and then the whole thing varnished. πŸ˜€

and finally, i took pictures of the labels he puts inside his violins. commonly, parchment is used and then this is stuck to the body of the violin. mang anghel ‘engraves’ his name into a piece of wood and then attaches it to his creations.

This one reads “Angelo M. Gabute; Luterio Violino, Tala CCMM Anno 2010”

the other, “Angelo M. Gabute; Dalla Liuteria Italiana; CCMM Anno 1994”

my forum entry as posted (with edits) from pinoyviolinist.com ^_^ (tamad magsulat?) LOL


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “handcrafted Filipino violins… that i can’t afford! LOL”

  1. hey bro, thanks sa info about Mang Anghel. Na-assign ako sa Tala dati, hindi ko akalaing may luthier pala dun, sa bagay wala pa akong violin that time… starting palang ako (sic) mag violin, hehe… add kita sa blogroll ko, πŸ™‚

    hey, thanks melskiens! kung kapitbahay ko lang siya, malamang nag-apprentice na ako sa kaniya. πŸ˜€ just keep playing. practice lang ng practice! ako din actually kailangan sundin ang sariling advice. haha!

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