dreaming of rain

it isn’t hard to do that nowadays. although a few days ago, i actually dreamt of rain pouring down before i was going home. i think there was someone involved in my dream but i don’t want to make guesses or assumptions. basta ganun… and it was really raining as in zero visibility, like there was a foggy curtain in front of you. and i wasn’t scared. i was really happy with that rain. probably because lahat tayo ngayon eh inaabangan yun. there was no fear of another Ondoy-type of flooding. it was just a happy feeling.

what does that tell me? may dadating na blessings? or talagang inaabangan ko lang yung ulan na bumuhos… (sabay kanta ng, “buhos na ulan aking mundo’y lunuring tuluyan…”) wahaha…

Magpatuloy magbasa dreaming of rain