it’s called Apple what???

forgive me for laughing and pointing at Steve Jobs for this… but i can’t help it. ano daw yung tawag nila sa bagong product ng Apple? iPad???

kelan maglalabas ang Apple ng iPad maxi at iPad with wings? bwahahaha…

saken lang ha, the product has potential. pero it really needs a little surgery. otherwise it’ll just come out as Frankenstein with all the attachments and adapters you’ll need. sabagay, Apple never conforms to convention. Apple requires you to conform to their products and innovations. if i remember right, sila ang nagpasimula ng mouse.

anyway, if this is the way to move forward and away from netbooks and laptops, i think iPad has the lead. but as for utility? i think the iPhone and iPod Touch are more mature.

and please lang, pwedeng palitan ang pangalan?

edit: and MadTV already made a ‘prediction’ about it!!! FTW!

image from here


6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “it’s called Apple what???”

  1. Haha, meron palang totoong iPad. Lol. Buti na lang I clicked the link. Hindi ako updated haha!

    most anticipated Apple product of the year. and their latest flop. haha… but yeah, siguro nga Apple has just set the bar too high for them to outdo themselves. biggest gripe ko talaga yung bezel as far as “wow” factor is concerned.

    ok lang kung ito lang na-miss mo eh. hindi kawalan. hahaha…

  2. Hay naku, ayoko siya, masyado siyang malapad, I still prefer the ipod touch, or the iphone. May magbigay kaya sa akin niyan?

    gusto ko nga din sana, dun sa mga nagsasabi na pangit siya, ipamigay na lang (specifically saken) kung ayaw nila siya. LOL

  3. after watching the video i’m convinced this is a good product (good lang hehe…if this had a camera, maybe i’ll be singing a different tune) and i agree that it has potential and a market. but the name? naman! until now di ko ma-take ang name.

    hindi pa man lumalabas ang 1st gen, looking forward na kami ni husband na makita ang 2nd gen.

    *apir* abangan ko na 2nd gen para mas masaya. sabagay, if they made this ‘perfect’ eh wala ng aabangan for 2nd gen. but the name… i don’t know if i’ll get over it…

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