oh universe, you little joker, you!

i don’t know but it seems that the universe seems to love me too much. i’ve been attracting certain kinds of people and i don’t know exactly why.

because in the wee hours of the morning, i just got robbed while i was sleeping!!! *gasp*

the burglar opened the door by coming in through the Jalousie window. he took a few shirts and my cute little electric fan. but that’s all. my wallet was intact. no money taken from me. and both of my phones were there… but most important was i’m still here, typing, writing the event on my blog — I’M ALIVE!!!

i think i am to blame, partly, for letting my defenses down. i even saw the potential of  how to break into my own room if ever i forgot or lost my keys by doing exactly what the burglar did and what did i do about it? nothing. absolutely nothing. laking pagsisisi… this even reminds me of that book i’ve seen but never cared to read. “Trust in God. But Lock Your Car”

and so, i’m a bit paranoid that he’ll be back. so i’m taking steps to prevent another burglary. pft… really, experience is such a good teacher. but can’t it just teach you without much distress and money spewing from your pocket? 🙂 heehee… (i’m actually thinking if he came back for more as i type this in the office. grrrrr… paranoid talaga!!!)

on a more positive note, this would mean that i will be having slight wardrobe changes. replacing t-shirts with maybe polo shirts? *sigh* i will miss those shirts. and i’m glad i’m safe. i’m OK. i’m without a bruise on my body. and finally, a little perspective on spending and future-thinking about getting a house of my own — security should be a priority! before i get that LCD TV, i should be thinking how i can protect them… either from thieves, the weather, or fire. tsk, tsk…

hugs please?


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “oh universe, you little joker, you!”

  1. Oh bursky dear, a big {{{hug}}} for you. I know how you feel, buti sa yo shirts lang, when we got robbed, it was the whole King sized mattress. I still wonder how they took it away as it was huge. Well, sometimes, we need to learn the hard way.

    the scary part is that this happened while i was inside the room sleeping! kaya i still thank God profusely for taking care of me. all of these things are replaceable.

    maraming salamat sa yakap, sheng.

  2. gosh! nakakatakot naman yon bursky. imagine nasa loob ka ng pumasok sila. buti nalang you’re safe.

    ahhh…im sending you some virtual hugs here. take care always!

    many thanks din, eds. yes, sobrang natakot ako nung narealize ko ano’ng nangyari.

  3. Hugssssss for you! Buti na lang at little things lang yung nakuha nila and that you’re safe. This is a reminder for all of us.

    yes. the little things shouldn’t matter. 🙂 thanks much, witsandnuts!

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