Koro, Klasik, Krismas!

napag-usapan na namen ng best friend ko before pa about watching this concert. yung officemate daw niya eh member nung group and since her boyfriend would be someplace else, she decided that i could tag along with her to attend. para naman daw di siya magmukhang loser at mag-isa lang siyang pupunta dun. 😛 hehehe… the performers were called Koro Ilustrado and they were an all-male chorus.

the show started at 8:00 but we were late. more precisely, she was late. nakapag-hintay na nga ako sa UN Avenue Jollibee and nakakain na ng Jolly hotdog bago siya nakadating eh. may fries pa yun ha! anyway, we were still allowed in. buti na lang nga hindi halfway through the concert during the break kami pinapasok.

and just like most of the choral groups i’ve watched perform, they usually start out with ‘performance pieces’… usually in foreign languages or some folk songs that showcase the harmony and voices of the group. this was the first all-male group i’d be hearing so i wasn’t so used to the voices without any Sopranos or Altos. this part wasn’t that enjoyable though. ewan ko ba. syempre i have no authority on this since wala naman akong degree in music. all i could do was compare them with those that i’ve listened to. parang medyo sabog lang yung dinig ko. they were pretty good with the loud and slow but not much in the timing. minsan di sila nagsasabay-sabay eh. it might be because of the theatre din naman eh. it could have been the venue’s fault. but how was i to know? all i knew was they didn’t sound like “one.” i don’t know if you get that. basta ganun.

the next few songs were more contemporary, some songs i could even sing along with (or sing along to?)! and i guess dito sila bumawi! the comedy and fun was out during these performances. Sh-Boom (the Chords?), Pagbigyan mo Ako (by Big 3 Sullivan i think), and When I’m 64 (Beatles?)… ahhh… ang kukulit nila! dito na ako talaga nag-enjoy… ganun naman yata eh. you learn to appreciate music for the first part and then enjoy the rest of the night with contemporary tunes. 🙂

and of course, there will be the Christmas carols as their concert title indicated. the most notable was a jazzed-up Noel and then the standard for the SMC = Samahan ng Malalamig ang Christmas… Pasko na Sinta ko! LOL bakit ba talaga yun ang theme song nila? i know a bastardized version which i used to sing…

“Pasko na, ‘ta***na! wala pa ‘kong sinta!”

of course, they didn’t sing that. sinabayan ko na lang sila. buti di ako nadinig. 😛 hehehe…

So maybe that’s it. siguro dahil medyo ‘pop’ and dance-able yung pieces, they had to practice more for those performances, rather than the vocal part. or i could just be imagining those things. all in all, it was a fun night because it has been a long time since i heard from a choral group. ngayon, nag-aabang na ako ng mga kakanta ng mga *karoling* sa UP. hay, pasko na talaga… 🙂

3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Koro, Klasik, Krismas!”

  1. Hindi ko pa na try makapanood ng ganyang klasing concery yung chorus group. Sarap pakinggan ang ganyan lalo na pag Christmas then tunog angel ang voice pa, 🙂

    Happy Weekend Bursky!

    you should listen! sa mga mall ata meron na nagmi-mini concerts eh. 🙂 hehe

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