because i’m just too evil to let it pass

sige na, sige… nobody’s perfect. ako din, i make spelling errors very often. minsan nga yung THEIR and THEY’RE napag-papalit ko pa ng gamit eh. pero i just couldn’t help it…

was on my way to meet A in Boni so from Katipunan, i take the LRT going to Cubao then take the MRT from there to Boni station. and i usually pass by some tech shops along the way inside Farmer’s cubao. syempre, kaka-silip, kaka-window shopping, nakita ko to. and i knew i had to share it.


pinipigilan ko sarili ko tumawa noon. i was merely chuckling when i was taking a picture pero nung nakita ko pa yung isang item nila on display with a label, i just had to let a big laugh out. isang malakas na “haha” lang naman and then i covered my mouth. i didn’t get to take a picture though kasi by this time, i was drawing some attention from the CD-R King customers doing some window shopping as well.

what i saw was another item labeled “VEDIO converter”. honest mistake, i thought. but another item had the word VEDIO in it, too! too bad i didn’t see an item labeled VEDIO ADAFTER! ay nako, tatambling na talaga ako noon! lol! i had quite some exercise laughing then. i wonder kung andun pa mga yun ngayon… hehehe

CD-R King Farmer’s Cubao, spell check naman jan!!! 😛

what funny signs have you seen lately? 🙂

9 na mga thought (isipan) sa “because i’m just too evil to let it pass”

  1. hehehe. *pssst* bursky, enough na baka maotot ka sa katatawa nyan.

    uhmm, as for the funny sign na nakita ko lately. sabi: “smartload available hire” hehehe. sa loob ng subdivision namin yan.

  2. at least maganda naman ang “lettering” ng ad nila hehehe.

    hay naku, ako din i laugh when i see this…pag nagbabasa pa naman ako, para akong spell checker…but when i misspell words, naiinis ako sa sarili ko hahaha.

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