wonderful gift, cruel punishment

everybody has one — a gift that they would never ever think of using. makes you wonder how well one person knows you because he gave you something that is (a)pretty much useless to you or (b)you would never think of buying for yourself because you don’t like it! friends sometimes do that. i once got a sando with some artwork reminiscent of Tribal Gear designs from my grandmother and i just had to flash a wide smile and say, “thank you!” i just couldn’t break her heart by showing a shocked face asking, “kelan ko susuotin ‘to?”

but a few days ago, one of my office-mates finally decided to pursue religious life as a nun. extreme as it may seem, she started to give-away her earthly possessions. i was one of the few “blessed” with her generosity. i say blessed with quotation marks because i can’t really be certain that her gift was a blessing. this is what she gave me:


not the white mug.

she knew i was into photography and i owned a digital camera… and it’s not that sophisticated, even! i own a 6.2MP point-and-shoot, low-end camera. perhaps, yes, i was attracted to lomography before but after seeing the price of maintaining the hobby, i eventually shied-away from it. plus there was too many choices. i just knew i would WANT ALL of them…

and so, the gift becomes a wonderful punishment. it is a blessing and a curse, so the cliche goes. nevertheless, this looks like a hobby i’m inheriting and bound to explore. let’s see how long this will last… probably as long as i have rolls of 120mm film from her.

120mm film is P200 a piece. (doh)


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “wonderful gift, cruel punishment”

  1. Lucky you! But I agree it’s a curse at the same time because I read feeds that it’s indeed engaging. There was a time I was tempted to buy another cam for my lomo “wants”, buti na lang napigilan ko. Haha. Let’s see. I’m looking forward to the pix. God bless your officemate. =)

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