on maricar’s “moves”

i don’t and do understand. how did maricar reyes come back from the “extremely damaging” video that is Hayden’s doing? some points i have been thinking about the other days.

no, i’m not an entertainment writer in your favorite tabloid but an ordinary person who likes *chismis* and likes to think about these things.

we all know how the videos came about and how the very smart Senator bong revilla wanted to do this expose to make the victims come out. of course, there’s the senate hearing/investigation/waste of money and of course, the two opposing forces — Hayden and Katrina. in between all of this, there was the Brazilian model whose name i never got to know and never heard from ever and there’s maricar reyes.

maricar is, according to the profile given by ABS-CBN, a practicing doctor and that she and hayden were classmates and even dated. now, wouldn’t that have been so damaging, relating it to the videos? would this not have reduced her career to zero? i guess not. because from what i see on TV, she’s making all the right moves. or she has thought things over long before the scandals came out.

a thing or two that separates maricar from katrina. let’s admit it, katrina has a bad girl image and could constitute the “she deserves it” attitude of people while maricar keeps the good image (despite her being slightly “kontra-bida” in I ❤ Betty La Fea) because she could be a victim and fit the stereotype well — how could a pervert like hayden to such a thing to a beautiful, innocent maricar? she played her cards well even by keeping quiet while katrina was fighting for her right as a woman. she was abused, after all.

additionally, 1.) she let katrina do all the hard work. she let katrina be the focus. it’s no use sharing the limelight specially if it speaks ill of you.

2.) ABS-CBN is taking good care of her. i just saw a commercial showing that she’s the next special guest on May Bukas Pa (often referred to as Santino, after the main protagonist’s name). doesn’t that bring a kind of redemption or absolution? lalo na’t papagalingin siya ni Santino at ni Bro… o diba?

i absolutely have no idea why i wrote this down. maybe i just wanted to make it leave my brain. it’s her face i always see. ok fine. i’m in love with her. lol…


8 na mga thought (isipan) sa “on maricar’s “moves””

  1. Nyahahaha, you’re in love with Maricar, ahah, and you never felt anything bad about the video she did with Hayden?

    wala na yun. tatanggapin ko siya ng buong-buo! besides, now i know i can… ay, wait! PM ko na lang sa YM! (lmao) wahahaha…

  2. well baka it’s one of their tactic – to be quiet na lang. pero galing din kasi nga after ng nag-subside na yung issue maricar has been seen in public already as if nothing happened.

    yep yep… diba? she played the game well. smart girl.

  3. strategy nya un eh. maybe, ayaw nalang nya palakihin pa lalo ang issue. and i think mas mabilis magmove on kung mananahimik nalang muna. habang mainit kasi ang issue eh marami din ang nakikisakay.

    bursky, maganda nga sya noh! ilang gabi ko na sya napapanood sa may bukas pa.

    she’s really REALLY pretty. 🙂

  4. LOL diba sa pilipinas common naman ang ganito tingnan mo si angel locsin diba sumikat siya when her boyfriend died LOL pero siguro iba pa din pag scandal LOL

    onga ano!?

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