my inheritance

wonderfully intricate, right? πŸ™‚ this once belonged and was used by my grandfather when he was still alive. i don’t have any memories of him because he was gone even before i entered this world. i was still in my mother’s womb when he died. so i guess i have memories but really vague and those that go deep into the parts of the brain we still do not know. i’m imagining this might be one of the reasons why i could have smiled or laughed as a little baby — with no actual experience to laugh or dream about.

if you’re not familiar with it, the object above is a chinrest for a violin. etched on the underside is “Repair by V.M. Basilio 12/18/37” with my grandfather’s signature on the edge.

yes, he played violin. and from what i hear from our neighbors and church-goers, those who knew him,Β  he was quite popular violinist in his time in our town. now those are big shoes to fill. πŸ™‚

it seems that this is my inheritance from him. i guess i will never know how well he played, if he took formal lessons, or who his teacher was. how was his posture? his playing? but his love for music now runs through me. and playing the violin is just part of it. He never left me after all. May ipina-mana pa din siya sa akin — just as a good father would not leave his son without anything.

na-greet ko na si tatay nung weekend. ikaw naman ngayon. belated happy father’s day, lolo Felix.


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