jan jaran!

Just sharing my happiness with my new phone! 🙂 too many reviews have been written about the Nokia E63 and i guess it wouldn’t be much help if i write another one. but let me just say that I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

kc 009-800

it’s got everything that i should need! plus, it’s tweakable so if i need something that’s not on the phone yet, i can add it! and there’s even an online community/wikispace of users! weee!!!

only down side i can think of, so far, is that it’s 3G. yes, that’s a minus for the phone. because you can surf practically anywhere! and that’s BAD for my phone bill!!! hahaha… but still, it’s a pretty pretty phone. did i already say that i love this phone so much? oh yeah… i did. doesn’t hurt mentioning it just one more time right? 😛


6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “jan jaran!”

  1. It’s pretty! I can feel your satisfaction. I have learned to embrace the downside of my iPhone since last year. It’s not user friendly for texting and other things. But I enjoy net surfing in it. Did you name your new toy? =)

    so far, wala pang maisip. 😀 hehehe… pwedeng Newton? kaso the Apple PDA attempt comes to mind. ahehe… iisip pa muna. may suggestion ka, witsandnuts? 🙂

  2. nakaka ingget ah, yan ang gusto kong cp
    yung may keyboard

    ano po ba ang pinaka maipagmamalaki ng NOKIA among other brands?? Para mapalitan ko na itong non-nokia cp ko. hehe

    hi jason! depends on what you’re looking for naman talaga eh. 🙂 ako, i opted for this kesa E71. sure, the E71 is more hi-tech kasi may GPS and higher MP camera, metal finish, etc. pero as far as i’m concerned, the E63 meets my needs. 🙂 gusto mo ba touch screen phone? try the LG Cookie (KP500). less than 10k na siya ngayon. 😀

  3. while i was shopping for a new phone, E63 was one of those that i seriously considered buying.

    don’t worry… after 2 months, your net surfing tendencies will taper down. i initially had the same problem with my phone bills, but after some time i grew tired of making do with a small screen and the slow speed (sometimes) 🙂

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