i wanna run to who?

everyone has a refuge.

some go to food for comfort. some, to their bedrooms or places they feel ‘at home’. others into the arms of someone — a friend, a loved one, relative, and others still, run to their faith for their moments of despair, sorrow, emptiness, and feeling lost.

but if you have no preference for any of those mentioned above, where do you go, then? do you force yourself to be happy? is that even possible? sometimes, i guess, it’s the fear of exposing ourselves that holds us back into running to someone/something. you feel naked — vulnerable.

so maybe, for one such as myself who cannot find someone or something to go to, releasing everything and shouting it out to the universe could be my last resort. by being carefree i might find comfort. hopefully.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “i wanna run to who?”

  1. blogging is one of the options but because it is too public we cant still pour our heart in it, when i have no one else to turn to, I turn to GOD and pray that is the best option indeed. May God bless you.

  2. I write, write, write. I write poetry and short stories in my writing blog or on paper.

    I also pray. I sit in the chapel and just be quiet.

    There’s no such thing as forced happiness for me. Best to just feel the sadness and pain, to acknowledge the feeling… then one can move on.

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