May bloom at the office

received this as a wedding souvenir/giveaway from a college friend. 🙂 november pa sila kinasal (if i remember right) and then namulaklak na siya nung una pero i forgot to take a pic. ngayon, di ko na pinalampas. 🙂 so pretty!

one problem, di ako taxonomist or a biology major. does anyone know what plant this is? 🙂



  1. ay hindi ko rin alam, hehehehe!

    Pero that flower looks so lovely. Suggest ko nga sa sis ko na magandang souvenir yan for their wedding 🙂

    yes, sure! 🙂 it’s nice nga eh. kesa dun sa mga naaalikabukan lang sa bahay diba?

  2. that’s a unique souvenir for a wedding and the flower is so beautiful. you must have a green thumb to be able to make that flower bloom 🙂

    praktisadong-praktisado sa farm town! lol
    i remember seeing one of the flower buds sa pics mo. dito yata. it’s that pentagon/star-shaped thing. 😀 got a name for the flower/plant?

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