galit ako kay martin nievera

okay, sige… makiki-ride ako ulit sa mga sikat na news. only because naiinis talaga ako sa mga tao na involved and nanghihinayang…. basta, kumukulo dugo ko sa mga bagay na ganito. and maybe i’m just proud to be Filipino and i’m proud of my heritage.

some people might not get it but i’m really irritated how Martin Nievera sang the National Anthem during the wildly celebrated Pacquiao-Hatton fight over the weekend. have you heard Martin’s version? because it was really his own version of the national anthem!

and now, Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquiel is saying it’s OK.

IT’S OK!?! no ma’am, it’s not OK

you know what she said?

“Baraquel said that the Felipe version should be used in formal events but the government should be more flexible in allowing artistry and creativity in rendering the song “to suit the occasion or the public mood.”” — from PDI.

so ganun pala yun? kung may party eh party tune ang Lupang Hinirang? pwedeng i-Daft Punk or Hed Kandi? ganun ba yun? in my book, the national anthem is not open to interpretation of the artist but rather it is the artist who should adapt to the anthem. most specially in this occasion!

as an engineer, i am accustomed to seeing and conforming to specifications — knowing what is acceptable and not acceptable if there are guidelines or rules being followed. specially technical descriptions. from report, the song “if properly sung with a two-fourths beat and 100 metronome – should only last for 53 seconds”. Lea Salonga may have extended it a little but it’s perfectly fine. 4/4 yata ginamit. pero hindi siya bumirit. she followed the notes. that’s where Martin loses it.

listen to them one after the other and tell me which one evokes more nationalism, more pride, more power. it’s a song meant to be sung by the people. the ‘leader’ is there to start it and to encourage you to join in the singing. would you join Martin in his version? i don’t think so… specially the last bit.

i tell you, Martin has a big L written over his forehead.


7 na mga thought (isipan) sa “galit ako kay martin nievera”

  1. Thanks for providing the link to You Tube. Nung napakinggan ko nga yung version ni Martin, napangisi na lang ako. He really has great voice. Pero ‘heto na naman siya, nagpapaka-OA’.

    cringing all the way din ano? hay naku Martin…

  2. Leave it to Martin Nievera to put his ego over law and tradition. What an arrogant show-off. Let’s face it, Martin has never really totally identified himself as Filipino, let alone nationalistic. I mean, the guy has built over 25 years of his musical career in the Philippines but I have yet to hear him say a complete sentence in Tagalog. Mas nauna pang natutong managalog si Michelle Van Eimeran sa kanya noh! Shame on you…

    found a youtube clip that ‘previewed’ his national anthem perf. and after seeing it, na-confirm na gusto niya talaga ang pinapalakpakan. tama ka, ego over law and tradition.

  3. your right, when i heard the tune of Martin I know na madaming magrereklamo. kahit ako hindi ko gusto yung tune nya. have you heard yung discussion nila kay anthony taverna sa umagang k ganda? he said he doesn’t even know that there is a law on it hayyyy

    uulitin ko sinabi ni sheng sa Plurk, at madalas ko din nasasabi sa mga usapang ganito, “ignorantia legis neminem excusat”.

  4. naks naman. oo nga:

    the national anthem is not open to interpretation of the artist but rather it is the artist who should adapt to the anthem. most specially in this occasion!

    ang galing mo.

    not meaning to offend, pero di ako sanay sabihan “ang galing mo”. feeling ko kung hindi siya galing sa isang teacher, parang sarcastic ang dating saken. again, it’s just me. kung totoo yung sinasabi mo, thank you very much. di lang talaga ako sanay. 😀

  5. I have said my piece. Congrats on this dhey!

    and salamat sa update! OA na ba talaga ako kung maka-react? di lang talaga matanggap ng loob ko. and higit sa lahat, yung ayaw niya mag-apologize! buti pa si Christian Bautista may hiya sa katawan. and sana nga, magkatotoo sinabi ni Ryan Cayabyab na ipapako si Martin sa ginawa niya!

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