rainy earth day

happy earth day everyone! 😀

i’ve been thinking about tips on saving the environment lately. probably motivated by this sudden change in weather and attributing it to what we have been doing to nature… trash, pollution, and lack of awareness/consciousness in what we do! it’s April and it’s raining like it’s September!

anyway, the ‘bad’ weather aside, here are some things that i do (honestly) that are perhaps small but i would say helpful in making our mother earth happy:

1. drink from the glass. i really think the fastfood chains who use reusable plates, glasses, and utensils have a good thing going. i may not be aware if they save or spend more by doing this and how helpful this is to the environment (e.g. reducing trash but increasing waste water), but one really tiny contribution i do is not using the straw anymore. you can drink from the glass like you do in your house, right? well, some might be too picky since they aren’t sure how well they clean the glasses but so far, i haven’t heard of anyone getting sick because of it. spoiled food, yes. but drinking from fastfood glases?

2. don’t get the ATM receipt. i just don’t get these people… they inquire about their balance, print a receipt. after seeing their balance, they withdraw money, and print a receipt. and then after taking the money, they put the ATM card back, check their balance, and print out another receipt! what’s up with that? if you want a printed receipt, just get one.

3. use rechargeable batteries. i’ve been a recent convert because of my digital camera that uses AA-size batteries. it saves you both money and hassle of bringing your batteries to places where you can properly dispose of them. the trash bin is not for your batteries, OK? if you don’t like being ‘inconvenienced’ with rechargeables, think about your cellphone or iPod. it’s got one. 🙂

the rain just stopped but i still have a headache. good thing The CompanY is on my PC to keep me, well, company. 😀 cheers!

5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “rainy earth day”

  1. I’ve been using rechargeable batteries for so long now. With regard to printing receipt, I think most of the people have this mentality of getting a physical proof. But if they’re just checking the balance, they can pass on it. I just do keep one for my latest transaction.

  2. Rechargeable batteries are in a ton of cordless electronics that we use daily. Mp3 players, cell phones, laptops, electric razor, electric toothbrush, cordless vacuums, hands free headsets. There there are others like power tools, digital cameras, camcorders, two-way radios, remote control toys. Not to mention business application tools like cordless medical devices, scanners, cordless mics, and those audio tours from museums.

    If it needs to be plugged in to be recharged, it contains a rechargeable battery that can be recycled at no cost at http://www.call2recycle.org. Type in your zip code to find convenient drop off locations in your neighborhood. These don’t have to, shouldn’t go into the trash, when there is a free nationwide program that properly recycles them. Now if only there was a similar program for disposable alkaline (which, as of ’96 no longer contain mercury).

    now, if only you were in the Philippines. 😀 heehee

  3. Nice suggestions.

    Me too, I use rechargeable batteries. Mas convinient naman talaga at mas matipid.

    I also check the the battery ratings. The higher much better 🙂

    Happy Tuesday 🙂

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