GEP Region III Convention

just posting the few pictures during the convention i attended a few weeks ago.

gep-027-800mas mukhang promotion ito ng venue kesa documentation ng convention eh! hahaha… well, it was a nice place to stay. a bit better compared to the places i’ve stayed in during other conventions and workshops.

the Malolos Resort Club Royale has nice rooms. well, at least, the one i occupied. bed was soft. too soft i think but OK na din. the cabinets and shelves aren’t really well-maintained. even the TV had no remote and the buttons on it were broken. so channel surfing was actually a good exercise for me — stand up, change channel, sit down. (repeat as lack of entertainment sets in with the current channel.) haha… but as this was a convention and the rooms were really meant for just sleeping, it was OK. the CR? ummm… let’s just say deep red/maroon isn’t in my list of favorite bathroom colors.

the two-day convention served its purpose anyway. i got updated on what’s going around the circle of GEs, what i need to do to renew my PRC license, and how to pay my taxes as a professional. πŸ˜€ and being a first-time attendee, i met old-timers and many kagalang-galang (mano po lolo!)members of the profession.

but despite their age, it was pretty obvious that they take pride in being part of the GE profession. and somehow, with the younger generation, i don’t see that anymore. even in myself, prior to attending the convention, surveying isn’t exactly my profession of choice. i’d rather go into the modern fields like GIS and computer programming fields. but after that, i felt enormous respect for the men who continue the surveying profession. at nahiya naman ako sa sarili ko. why have i looked down on it and considered the modern fields as more lucrative, more exciting, and ‘higher’ in the respect ladder of professions.

i bought nga pala a shirt for myself during the convention. plain polo shirt with the GEP logo on the left side. no other colors were available in my size. so i had to take home on in Cory Aquino Yellow. but i wear it proudly. πŸ™‚


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “GEP Region III Convention”

  1. I need to renew my license but I did not join the GEP and I have no attendance to any conference and conventions. Can I still renew my license? Please if someone can answer me, I will really appreciate. Thanks.

    Hi fellow GE Lejon!

    As the new rules are implemented this year, one cannot garner the 60 credits required yet. But you need the Certificate of Good Standing from GEP (whichever region you belong to). When you passed the GE board, it’s sort of automatic that you are a member of the GEP. Kasi requirement yata yun bago ka makapunta sa oath taking, right?

    So you have to get the Certificate of Good Standing from GEP. Go to your regional office, pay your annual dues (from the time you stopped paying. about P1000 per year) and then P200-300 (?) for the certificate itself. Then you just have to follow the procedure in PRC.

    Hope this helps. πŸ˜€

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