not worthy

somehow, natatawa at naiinis ako sa mga tao ngayon. totoo nga, you’ll never know how much you are loved until you’re gone. gaya ngayon ng nangyari kay francis magalona. his posts on multiply usually receive about 45 comments. but when he left us, comments flooded to over 2000 last time i checked. it’s funny and irritating, riding on the popularity and the ‘bandwagon’ of people condoling with the bereaved.

kung ako lang talaga, nahihiya ako na magpost ng tribute for such a great man. una di ko siya kilalang-kilala. di din ako fan although i sang his songs. memorized ko pa din ang Mga kababayan, Kaleidoscope World, Mga Praning, etc. kaya nahihiya ako. i ‘knew’ the songs but i didn’t know the man. but there’s possibly one thing i know — that he was bigger than what people give him credit for. he is not just a singer, rapper, host, father, husband. he’s an icon. he’s a hero in his own way. he’s francis m.


6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “not worthy”

  1. you don’t have to know the man personally to be able to pay him a tribute or write something about him.

    i guess that what makes francis m great, it’s not about him… it’s about his works, it’s about his contributions… it’s about his legacy

    nakakapanliit lang kasi. such a great man to be seen by such small eyes. anyway, yun lang pakiramdam ko. humbling lang talaga…

    thanks for dropping by!

  2. I agree with your points. It is quite sad that we get to praise or appreciate a person and his works more only when he is gone. But then again, this is a human nature that we cannot correct. So far, a call for urgency will always be made only when the sense of urgency strikes.

    As they say, you won’t even go to the doctor to have your health checked until you are actually ill or almost endangered of dying. Right? It is a FILIPINO trait that we get used to things so fast. In the vernacular, we use the word, “nauumay”.

    We get to revisit and perhaps feel all the importance of a thing or a person when it is gone. It is sad. Nonetheless, what matters most is having the realization even at the very last stage. Thus, paying last respect or a tribute makes a difference.


  3. I respect your opinion.
    We dont have to leave a comment in his multiply to let him know na he is loved, he already knew that na maraming nagmamahal sa kanya kasi nga like what you said, he is Francis Magalona, the man with the great legacy.

  4. ako din sad that he died…at tulad mo, di ako makapag-blog about him or give a tribute to him via my blog (ganito rin ang feeling ko nang mamatay si heath ledger on my bday!!! hayyy)…ang reason ko naman ay isinasapuso at ipinagdasal ko na lang ang paghanga at pagbibigay-pugay ko sa kanya.

    magandang araw 🙂

  5. Same here. That’s why I just had to mention about him in passing in my recent post. Just a thought, I hope tributes are sometimes given while a person is still there to physically appreciate it.

  6. i agree with you. ako din nalungkot ng nalaman ko ang news. pinuntahan ko rin ang blog nya. pero useless ng magcomment eh. kasi hindi na nya mababasa. hindi na rin ako ng post ng blog but i prayed for him. yon naman ang importante.

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