unhappy snaps

when my dad attended his HS reunion, he took KC (my digital camera) with him. and since there was no cook for that day, my sister and i decided to do as we please and cooked up some ‘new’ dishes, i.e. those that we wouldn’t cook on a normal day. 🙂 and to document it, i used my (well, now my sister’s) new “Nokia 6300”.

the menu was 2 simple dishes. 1.) buttered corn and carrots and 2.) grilled bbq chicken.

but of course, being an unplanned menu, we didn’t have the right ingredients. the butter changed to margarine so it’s now ‘margarined corn and carrots’ and no chicken was available so we had to go to our local sari-sari store. good thing they had fresh meat! 🙂

the hardest part of these recipes is the chopping (of the carrots at least). we have a surplus of canned corn kernels so we used that. cooking’s a sinch. heat a tablespoon of margarine in wok, cook carrots until tender, then add canned corn kernels. i put a little pepper. just because i liked to. 🙂 i think i overcooked it a bit but they were still edible! haha

next, the chicken. instant solution: Mama Sita’s BBQ marinade mix! haha… marinated (hah! i had to Google the difference between the two!) the chicken while preparing carrots. after about just an hour, i prepped the turbo broiler, set the temp to 100-120 degrees for about 12 mins each side, total of about half an hour. i rubbed a little paprika on the chicken to aid in a little browning. 🙂 the result? BAD CAMERA PHONE SHOTS! boohoo…


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “unhappy snaps”

  1. waw naman! ala kenny rogers ang sugarD! ^_^
    how i wish may broiler din ako dito…

    opkors inter… yun na yun! hahaha… wala eh, kailangang magpakitang-gilas! hehe

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