reconnected (but for how long?)

finally, after almost a year of being disconnected at home, Digitel has finally come in to donotdigitelfix our landline and internet connection. based on our billing statements, it’s been almost 9 months since our last payment hence, it should be about that same duration that our phone hasn’t been working. yes dearies… 9 long months.

follow-ups did not stop, since their billing didn’t. why should we pay for something we didn’t consume? that’s stealing.

owing to our experience of being connected and disconnected in just a two-week period, i can’t say i’m hopeful that this will be for the long-run. i’m actually half-expecting that we’ll be going to their service center. either to request AGAIN to fix our line or to return their unit.

so, a word of advice, if you’re planning to subscribe to digitel, think twice. it’s not just me. there are a bunch of people out there with really REALLY bad experiences with the provider. count me as one of them.

so if you’re already a digiHELL errr… digitel subscriber, welcome to the club. if you’re still choosing a provider, you can cross out digitel, methinks.


3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “reconnected (but for how long?)”

  1. That’s a strong warning for the wannabe subscribers. What you experienced was indeed ‘stealing’.

    warning and caution. in some areas (and in rare cases) OK service nila. but our experience warrants an un-endorsement (if there’s such a word). harsh, sad, but i hope they get their act together.

  2. 9 months? so talagang nagtyaga kayong hintayin yon at magbayad ng service na hindi nyo naman actually nagamit. ewww! wala akong pasensya sa mga ganyan.

    i’ll pass your warning to some friends who are planning to subscribe to digitel. thank you so much.

    di na kami nagbayad. it’s my dad’s way of protesting din. they won’t give us a rebate din kasi eh. diba nakakainis?

    and thanks for sharing the info to your friends. sana makarating sa management yun para ayusin nila pagpapatakbo diba?

  3. wow grabe. That is a pain in the ass. Sumakit ulo mo siguro sa kunsumisyon sa kanila! If It happen to me, naku ewan ko na lang. Baka may nakaaway pa ko,hahaha!

    Dont worry I wont pick them. Ok na ko sa provider ko!


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