o genki desu ka?

i wish i knew how to speak japanese. or even just another foreign language.

i tried basic french. i know how to count and the months and the days of the week. but that’s it. no real conversation, just phrases. wouldn’t that be cool?

i think that Filipinos are really talented. and, in my opinion, we have one of the most flexible tongues in the world. please, no kinky thoughts. all kinky thoughts are mine! (lol) right now, i’m fluent only in English, Tagalog, and Kapampangan… and actually, not as well as i wish.

is this just because i’m really craving for things to learn? always? there’s this dilemma tuloy… should i be a jack of all trades, (master of none) or look for that niche where i’ll be an ‘expert’? *sigh* tuesday dilemma. tsk, tsk…

kibun warui.

6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “o genki desu ka?”

  1. I have a Fil-Chinese friend who loves Nihonggo than Mandarin. She self-studied Nihonggo and took the test and made it. The interest is really the key. In my case, I want to learn Spanish and Mandarin. My non-Filipino officemates enrolled in a French class and are very fascinated with it. Oddly, I already bought two Arabic phrase books/dictio and I only flipped these once.

  2. i just learned japanese word last week, i have a meeting with my american boss, we were eating teriyaki boy and before he eat he said “itadakimas” (dont know if my spelling is correct, forgive me) means thank you for the food, gosh ang haba ng english translation db? lol

    i think you should try at least one language, i want to learn french.

    heeeey! i heard that word from Tokyo Tokyo’s jingle by Imago! hahaha…

  3. I really want to learn Mandarin. If there’s one thing Chinese-y that i love, it’s their language and their values for life, they’re really octogenarians before they die.

  4. Hai, genki desu.

    That’s it. Few Jap words that I knew (thanks to my former boss who happens to be a japanese). I wish I could learn and understand more. It would be nice to speak their language fluently di ba?

  5. nihongo taihen ne 😉

    hehehe. i’ve been in tokyo for almost 8 years and i’m still not fluent. heheheh. lately, my interest had been sparked by a belated addiction to j-doramas. my hubby says that i now speak like a shibuya girl. wahahah! i wish i could speak kapampangan though.

    gambarimashou! 😉

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