perhaps no more chinaphone review


because my sister has it! bwahahaha…

during the weekend, of course, i took the phone home with me and showed it off. 😉 my 2nd sister (the middle child) saw it and i jokingly said, “nanu, bisa ka palit ka ta pa?” (so, do you want to swap phones with me?) and from the glimmer in her eyes, i could tell her answer was an absolute YES but held back and she said, “bakit? ali me buri?” (why? don’t you like it?)

i just explained to her that the battery life wasn’t good. which i didn’t know to which i should attribute — the china-made charger, the phone unit itself or the imitation battery. and then there’s the interface. but all things considered, i said it was an “OK” phone. a simple “aaaaahhhh.. OK” was all i got but i knew what she wanted. heehee

and so, before i left for work this monday, we had a swap. 😀 now i’m stuck with a Nokia 1100 only this time, it’s an original Nokia.

oh, it’s PINK by the way. *flips hair*

3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “perhaps no more chinaphone review”

  1. Gee, it’s pink. I have my four-year pink flip-phone samsung with me (I use for my roaming number). I understood some of the kapampangan words you mentioned like nano and buri, as in “nanong buri mo?” Of couse, my favorite is the the term “malago”. haha.

    haha… i can say that you are indeed “malagu” Jo. 🙂

  2. Oh, it’s pink *flips hair too* hehhee… I love Nokia, my 6680 is kinda old but i think it’s okay compared to my hubby’s chinaphone clone, he has his Nokia but we are still looking for a battery replacement.

    “Malago” is maganda?

    yeye… “malagu/o” is ‘beautiful’ in Kapampangan. 😀

    ano unit ni hubby? huwag na bumili ng replacement batt. bagong unit na lang. 😀 crush ko din yung LG Cookie! heehee…

  3. i have lots of kapampangan friends. So in a way medyo I learn some few words like what Wits mentioned 🙂

    So lapit lang ba ofc mo sa farmer’s? my office is near that place 😉

    not that near pero just 2 LRT stations away. plus a little walking. 🙂 katipunan ako. 🙂

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