ever been to luneta during these times?

my dad during one of their trips to Manila. nostalgia! haha…

i’m guessing this was in the 60s or 70s. wow! luneta’s so clean! and it seems that the roads were really wide enough for n0-hassle travel!

sigh, i wish i could have been there during that era. i could now only imagine how it was really to be there…

luneta in the 60s

and my dad in that funny pose! hahaha…

so slim and young then. but just as guwapo as he is today. 😀 i love you dad! 🙂


6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “ever been to luneta during these times?”

  1. uy buti meron ka pang ganyang photo. Ours was gone already.

    I enjoyed going to Luneta when we were kids. I love eating hotdog there while sipping a tetra pack of orange juice hehehe!

    Nostalgia post ito!

    haha… excursion!

  2. haha, very cool photo, ewan ko nga ba kung meron pa kaming black and white na natititra, parang nawala na sa kalumaan.

    nasa baul? 😀 found this when we started cleaning up an old room. andiyan lang mga yan, waiting to be discovered!

  3. hahaha! i know what you mean, parang kapag nakakakita ako ng lumang litrato, i always think “was manila really ever this clean?!”

    exactly! grabe… the ‘old days’ will always seem better.

  4. wow! very cool. katuwa naman meron ka pang nakuhang picture nyang ganyan ha. namiss ko tuloy mga magulang ko. dati kasi lagi kong tinitingnan ang pictures nila during those happy days. kaya lang hindi ka na alam kung saan na ang mga pictures na yon. mahigit isang dekada na rin akong wala sa bahay ng aking magulang. hay….

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