chinaphones are uncool

remember that post where i said that i just got GOLD? 😀 natanso! (lol)

not exactly. lemme explain.

since i got a postpaid SIM and only had one handset, what i had to do most of the tmie was turn off the phone, open it, swap SIM cards, close it, turn it on, then text. then i’m paranoid that someone might be texting or calling me on the other line. i turn off the phone, open it, swap SIMs, close, then on again… tiring and not so SIM friendly because my SIM is secured and removed by sliding it. it’s harsh on the SIM and on the copper contacts of the unit and card. so to solve this problem, i thought of buying another unit.

one day in farmers, meeting up with A that night, i asked her if we could go around and ‘window shop’ for a new handset. she knew my dilemma and obliged. searching for the ‘best bang for the buck’ phone, i told her that we should just settle for a second-hand unit since this should be just a temporary handset since i had my eyes set on the Nokia E63. heehee… since that would take forever and a day to save-up for, i opted for the el-cheapo phones on the 4th floor of Farmer’s Cubao.

after a ton of *pambobola* and haggling, i only got the price down by P100.00. i knew A was tired at the moment and i didn’t want to fight two battles at once. i took home my new “Nokia 6300” Chinese clone phone. (notice the quote-unquote)

should i post a review? maybe some other day. but right now, it’s one of those “i like but i don’t love” things that i’ve been buying most of the time. *sigh* oh well, even if it’s uncool, it still gets me connected to the people i care about and need to be in-contact with. 🙂 i’ll share pics and the ‘cool’ part of having a clone next time. 😀

4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “chinaphones are uncool”

  1. my husband owns one, yung touch screen nga, cool naman, pero i still love branded things kahit hindi mura, mas durable talaga.

    i would definitely agree. nevertheless, there are phones that are trying to make a brand for themselves din naman like MyPhone and Verzio. these, i guess, are the ones to trust. huwag na yung clones. 🙂

  2. ako ayoko talaga sa gawang china. nakakabadtrip ang mga lumalabas na pangit na balita tungkol sa mga produkto nila. gayunpaman mukha namang ok sa iyo iyan. basta masaya ka. sana lang magtagal ang iyong pag gamit. antayin natin ang review mo 🙂

    nakidaan 🙂

    salamat, dencio! may bayad ang pakiki-daan dito. libre mag-stay. 😛

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