Nescafe Classic First Pick

how do you make a ‘good’ cup of instant coffee?

first pick1that’s always been the dilemma whenever i buy those in bottles and packs not in sachets. a ‘good’ cup of coffee would be suited to your taste. you can put more than the usual, more sugar, no sugar, with creamer, black… it would all just depend on how you would mix and match the ingredients in your cup. what’s ‘good’ for you might be too bland for others. what you consider ‘good’ today might be different from your mood on the next day — you choose between sugar high and caffeine high! lol…

nevertheless, what good coffee is really about is how you get the coffee from where it is grown. and this is what Nestle is attempting by giving us First Pick. apparently, this product has been launched a long time ago but it has only made it to the office this week courtesy of my officemate, Soli. 😀

the packaging/bottle is nice, suits its “limited edition” label. but how does it taste? i’m not claiming any knowledge in coffee connoisseurship. i just want to tell you how this coffee relates to my own palate. so don’t take this as an authoritative ‘review’ of the product.

aroma. from my own “brew”, this is wonderful! it’s light and pleasing. it would seem to me that the cup is a soothing calm instead of a perk-me-up for the office. specially in this kind of cool, rainy weather. 😀

taste. i can’t say for certain about the ‘body’ and ‘acidity’ and whatever they do with coffee. all i can say is that the taste is, well, different. we often have brewed coffee in the office and i can say nothing beats actual brewed coffee. but First Pick isn’t like Nescafe’s instant coffee either. Nestle says it uses the first pick of the season in the Philippines and employs a unique roasting procedure for this ‘limited edition’ coffee. maybe they put them inside Boeing 747 planes to roast them. i don’t know… maybe that’s it. or maybe it’s the coffee cherries themselves.

the taste is not bland like the typical instant coffee. at the same time, it isn’t as strong as brewed. it has a certain enjoyable tinge of fruitiness in it. it hits a certain spot when you take a sip. it doesn’t give you a kick like brewed coffee does but this is different. and maybe that’s just it… to me, this new instant coffee tastes NEW and DIFFERENT. i still can’t figure out if i’m enjoying a new instant coffee blend or finding it as a bad substitute for brewed coffee. it’s in between and, again, it just tastes different!

maybe give this offering from Nestle a chance to hit your taste buds and decide for yourself. as for me, i’m having my second cup. i’m adding more creamer this time around. 😀

6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Nescafe Classic First Pick”

  1. Bloghopping. I am a certified coffee lover. thanks for the review. I’ll try this.

    Happy Weekend!

    hey jeanny! thanks for dropping by (i hope it didn’t hurt). ang korni ko noh? haha… try it for yourself. i can’t say i recommend completely. just recommending for you to try. 😀

  2. I don’t know why but I’m not very fond of drinking coffee. But I like commercialized frap. =)

    who doesn’t? 😀 it’s the frothy topping talaga, not the coffee! 😀 i like SBC’s chocolate brownie coffee thingamajig. haha…

  3. bago? HEHE. 16y/o ako at patay. naaadik ako sa kape. 😀

    oks lang yan! ako nga elem years palang, kapeng-kape na! 😀 in moderation lang, ha?

  4. you said it right there. It’s hard to make a coffee if it’s not instant since you really have to perfect the taste. right measurement. I’ve never tried this one yet. But you can try using condensed milk at least you will not think of how much milk or sugar to put. I just tried the coffee of Kopi Roti which uses condensed milk in their coffee and it taste great. I even tried it with the regular coffee and it’s good also.

    thanks for the tip! 🙂 i heard Alaska’s the best. haha…

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