I got Gold… and a “sumpungin” phone!

the good news first… I got GOLD!!! šŸ˜€ haha…

not literally real gold but I got myself to subscribe to Smart Gold Lite plan. It’s P300.00 per month with a special P2/min call-rate Smart-to-Smart calls. (do i sound like an advert already?)

anyway, i just wanted to try it out since i’m a big boy now and i think i’ve grown out of the prepaid stuff and can handle the responsibility of paying the bills. well, sort of… in the lite plan, you don’t exactly get a bill sent to you via mail. you’re supposed to be sent an email/reminder that you have accounts to settle with Smart Communications. the store rep told me that if i choose to upgrade to plan 500, i’ll be sent a monthly bill via mail. but i don’t know if i actually spend that much.

anyway, all i did was present my Driver’s License, some reading and signing and form-filling and the next day, i had my new SIM. and there’s the problem… NEW SIM. i didn’t intend to replace my old number. i just wanted to test-drive Smart’s new promo, that’s all.

after destroying… err… breaking my phone, i replaced it with a Motorola W181, the phone that i could afford that time. all was fine until i found a very very BAD flaw in it… it resets itself!!!

i was charging my phone in the office when i heard it turn itself on. puzzled, i went over to check… Inbox = 0 Messages. Phonebook = WHAT THE H3LL?!?! so there… all my contacts on the phone’s memory and the messages not on my SIM are gone. poof! just like that… and that’s quite annoying…

so word of advice, don’t buy a Motorola W181.

3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “I got Gold… and a “sumpungin” phone!”

  1. I had to Google that Moto model. It looks good, by the way. I hope you have ‘back-up’ of your contact details. That happened to me long time ago (using Smart’s so called amazing fone then).

    the phone looks good but it’s just a basic phone for calling and texting. the FM radio’s a plus. šŸ™‚

    and yeah, that Amazing Phone didn’t turn out to be all that amazing after all. i just didn’t really like the form of the phone. ugh!

  2. That was too bad, I am not a Smart user (I am smart not to be, hehe), I don’t have problems with my N6680, i just want to have a new phone!!!

    oh yes! i was completely happy with my old N3100 until it got smashed to pieces. it did lack the music player/FM radio and camera but as a phone, it was great! but with this new phone i have, i’ma want a new phone. looks like Motorola has just let me down. SE worth the try or should i just keep sticking to Nokia phones?

  3. Too bad! I am no longer a smart user kinakain nila ang load ko kasi. before kahit hindi ako tumatawag or nagtetext nababawasan ang load ko ewan ko nga lang ngayon kung ganun pa rin sila. i’m a nokia user too, ayaw ko ng ibang unit nalilito ako eh

    awww… so di kita matatawagan? heehee… i hope they did get to fix the mysterious missing load ngayon.

    and as for the unit, any Nokia phones you might recommend? šŸ˜€ hehe… i ā¤ the E63 and 5800 XpressMusic kaso walang budget. aheh…

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