the nuno sa punso?

if the Obama Presidential Limo is “The Beast”, would our beloved (i mean that with all the sarcasm in the world) president’s Mercedes S-Class be “the Punso”? heehee


since it’s been quite obvious that, like most grown-up boys, i’m into cars. and having seen Obama’s new limo, i got interested with our own president’s state car. From the picture i grabbed from the net, it looks like a S-Class Mercedes Benz.

according to our favorite online source, Wiki, the government keeps 2 Merc state cars — both bulletproof.  but on Wiki, they’re both W221 models. from the picture above, it’s just a W140. hmmm… so which one is it, really? anyone working at the Office of the President?


Update: from a Youtube clip of the President in a convoy, looks like she keeps one of each. one W221, and one W140.


whichever it is, if you want to feel like a President but can’t get a limo, get a S-Class Merc. 😉 *cough* Mercedes-Benz Philippines, are you listening? this isn’t a paid post so… *wink, wink* i’d like mine black, too. LOL


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