burger boo-boo

*sigh* i always feel bad whenever i cook something and then i forget to take pictures. yes, i admit, i’m a show-off. so (borrowing from that old-time school wars joke) demand me! (translation: edi i-demanda moko!) LOL

well, being pregnant involves a lot of sacrifices. not only from the women themselves but from the whole household. being cautious of what they eat, my sisters are trying to avoid all processed food, those with preservatives, coffee, etc. so what they want, they should get (according to them). “kami na nga tong di niyo pinapakain ng masasarap, hindi niyo pa kami pagbibigyan sa gusto namen?” has been the mantra of my sisters since their involuntary diets and denial of yummy food. 😀

yesterday though, the second daughter wanted to eat hamburgers. of course, they weren’t allowed to eat from fast food joints so we decided to perform the experiment at home with ground pork instead of beef, and whatever was available in the kitchen. the result was a sort of strong-meat-tasting burger patty. haha…

we took a bowl of ground pork, one egg, salt, pepper, paprika and flour as substitute for breadcrumbs. mixed everything in and fried 1 patty first. we tasted it and felt it needed more seasoning to get some of the strong pork taste. we didn’t add onions anymore because we thought we could season enough with pepper and salt. nevertheless, i was considering a splash of vinegar or Worcestershire sauce but i held back. maybe i’ll mix that in when there are no other victims (read: people who will be eating the patties). 😀 we sliced some tomatoes and spread some mayo on buns then we put the burger together. mustard and pickles weren’t available so there. 😦

so far, this morning before i left, no one was rushed to the hospital or was hurrying into the toilet to get rid of some nasty food last night. haha… again, now that i’m writing this, i regret not being able to document it. *sigh* wish i remembered!!! grrr…


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