I O U (1)

yes. i owe a lot to people. never intended to do this but all the tags piled up. and in between them, work interfered (LOL). so in a last-ditch effort to save the tags (which i can’t pass on anymore), i’ll just write them and turn them into reminiscing points in my life in 2008. *deep breath* here we go…

from Love and Life

My Bucket List

a.k.a. 8 things you wanna do before you die

1. Plant a tree.
2. Make out with Kale Cuoco or Jessica Boehrs. (perv alert!)
3. Travel to Europe
4. Spend (at least) a night in the White House as a guest
5. Fly into space
6. Sky Dive
7. Spend 10,000 a day. everyday.
8. Leave something for my Alma Mater(s). I just want to be remembered. *sniffle*


whew! that’s one done!:D heehee… nobody said they have to come true right? i love to dream…


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