We’ve been robbed by people from Digitel.

Dear Digitel,

Why won’t you clean up your act? *sigh*

I will be quite honest and say that I’m really dissatisfied with how you handle our complaints. Will our “nagging” fall on deaf ears?

I really can’t say that my family and I are nagging your customer hotline and your office in Pampanga, mainly because, honestly, if you would do something about our simple complaint, then there would be no problem, right?

Here’s our love story, if you would like me to re-tell it to you:
I think it’s been 6 or 7 months now since we started subscribing to your Internet + Landline service. We moved from our previous provider because they could no longer support our old unit (a wireless landline. pft! and it’s old now since the wireless landlines now use a different thingamajig and is more like a cellphone).

For the first 2 weeks, we were fine. Except that the DSL line didn’t work. You sent in a technician and both worked. for 2 days. Then when the landline failed, we called you up, told us that you would send another technician and all will be fine again. And yes, it did work. But we lost the internet again. And two days after, both were not working again. *sigh*

We were paying the bill for services we never used. My dad courteously asked if there would be a rebate for the time that we didn’t get the service we subscribed to. They said that it would follow in the next bill and that our complaint had already been forwarded to the technical people.

And now, after 4 months and counting, we have no landline. No more internet access. And yet we are still continuously billed every single month. *sigh* It’s like being robbed. It’s like being raped.

I will concede, though, that my dad thought of ‘fighting’ you by not paying the bills. He did say that if you get everything in working order, he WILL pay for the services that you promised to provide. You said you’ll send the technicians in a week. We waited. and waited and waited… none came. 😦 *sigh*

What should I do, then, with you? I really admire Brian Magalong for mustering enough courage to do what he did to get results from PLDT. I, unfortunately, could not do what he did. So please, Digitel… let’s just stop this foolishness.

Yours Sincerely,



9 na mga thought (isipan) sa “We’ve been robbed by people from Digitel.”

  1. sucks! the telecom companie’s service really sucks, how come they are billing you for the times that your line is down? tsk tsk.. i have a problem with PLDT, i subscribed for DSL for our new office and it’s been a month and they haven’t installed it, i been calling them everyday and everyday i been getting the same answer, they told me that they have forwarded our account to whoever concern dept. and that concerned group are maybe not concern because until now they haven’t installed it yet, my blood pressure rises every time a call them and it is frustrating that we don’t have a choice because they are the only one who provide internet in that area, hayy sucks no? tumataas talaga ung BP ko s kanila

  2. Hi just dropping by and saw your post. Digitel is also our provider in Bulacan and we also experienced that kind of situation. Though it’s not on the internet service but on their outgoing call barring. When they’ve fixed the call baring, we could not make a call. but when they’ve fixed that one, we could not bar our outgoing call. Soooo weird talaga.

  3. just dropping by. we had a similar problem our digitel internet. no service but still being billed continually. pinadisconnect na namin, nagbibill pa rin. nakakahighblood talaga.

  4. Terible na talaga ang digitel. You might wanna read my posts in pinoydsl.net:

    please do link-back to this post. kailangan ipa-laganap ang kagagawan ng digitel. ambagal at intermittent ang connection nila talaga. what makes this even worse is the poor customer service! hay naku… salamat sa pagbisita, ‘dre.

  5. i just filed a complaint online with DTI. even if nothing happens to my complaint, at least I know I did something. So many frustrated users 😦 Nakaka-awa. I can’t believe Digitel is still alive!

    talaga? how did you do that? baka pwede ako mag-submit din para naman pansinin nila yung dissatisfied subscribers

  6. i have the same experience with Digitel, parang lahat ng mabasa ko about digitel pare pareho. sobrang pangit ng service nila, the internet is unreliable, calling up their customer/tech support group did not make any difference at all. they will just let you know that they already forwarded the concern pero mamumuti na mata mo sa kakaantay sa sagot nila sa mabagal na service and on top of that intermittent pa. NTC should be looking something about this. it violates the contract that i and digitel entered with went i subscribed with them.

    even there is a lockdown period i will terminate the contract with them and i wont pay them even a single cent because it is not me that breached the contract but it is them. they should learn first to provide good service to their customers before they can demand some payment from us.

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