one-third is made from happiness

not for more than 10 minutes ago, my officemate came in and brought with her a slice of chocolate cake for us in the office. had a little chit-chat before she went on her way to the college complex. twas good timing, really, becauase we were having coffee in the room so it was perfect. cake + coffee is a good combination. but i was wrong…

this combination was SUPERB!

i was overcome, suddenly, with happiness after spooning-in this wonderful chocolate cake! i didn’t expect it to be this good… it was really soft and moist and rich and… oh, for heaven’s sake! here’s a picture…


it was cake, caramel, cake and then chocolate. rich, wonderful, sweet, soft chocolate!

i’m still closing my eyes here whenever i take another spoonfull. it’s just such a wonderful feeling… OK, i’m being too happy now it’s annoying, i know. i just can’t help it! πŸ˜€

i’m absolutely sure that this cake is 1/3 happiness and 2/3 baking ingredients.

12 na mga thought (isipan) sa “one-third is made from happiness”

  1. that’s really something to blog about, hehe… have a nice weekend!

    i know! it was a wonderful prelude to a (not-so-exciting) weekend trip. next blog entry nalang yung kuwento nun. πŸ˜€

  2. Yum! I can almost taste the caramel filling. That sure looks delicious. Gusto ko tuloy ng moist cake. I have a choco mousse in the fridge right now. Kaya lang hindi masarap. Kala ko masarap, deceiving. =(

    that’s too bad. but there will be other cakes… πŸ˜€ uwi ka na kasi! tapos libre moko. hahaha… (LOL)

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