the heat is on

has anyone noticed that the logo of MIss Saigon is a helicopter and a woman with a conical straw hat? 😀

My sister pointed this out when i started crushing on Lea Salonga still in my single-digit years! (maharot na talaga ako nung bata pa! LOL). Of course, i just enjoy sharing pointless trivia anywhere and everywhere, looking like Mr. Smartypants. 😛

Just had this feeling this morning… much like seeing Miss Saigon again. Seeing Lea Salonga on-stage with that dress that had a slit as long as NLEX. And there’s that other scene with her back to the audience during her ‘first time’ with Chris as he takes him into a room and started ‘negotiating’, she takes off her bra! Merciful Mother!!!

But of course, that wasn’t the first time i saw somebody undress on-stage. i’ve had my eyes’ fill during compulsory college plays at Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theatre. but seeing Lea… THE Lea Salonga in some form of nakedness, that was unbelievable! i was seeing something private, something really REALLY intimate. not because i had perverted thoughts but rather because she was close to my heart! she was someone i adored completely and to see her as ‘vulnerable’ (i can’t put my finger on a better word. i’m sorry.) as she was in that scene just shocked my neurons, activated my sweat glands despite feeling cold! butterflies emerged from my stomach and my heart beat like it had run a marathon!

*sigh* oh well… the feeling is just a feeling. nevertheless, i’m happy it’s there somewhere. it means i’m still human. ahhhh… reminiscing.

6 na mga thought (isipan) sa “the heat is on”

  1. i didnt notice it, im not that observant. I had a chance to watch Miss Saigon the last time they performed here, i think that was 7 yrs ago? it was a nice experience, sana les miserables namn.

    yup. buti kami nun si Lea ang nag-Kim eh. 😀 if they show Les Mis, malamang di na si Lea yun. 😦

  2. I laughed on the “maharot” part. Hahaha. Observant sister! I like Lea, too. I’ve never seen Miss Saigon though. What I remember when I hear the related song is the skit that some of my previous officemates did in last year’s oriental themed party (Vietnam Group).

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