i’m sick.

yeah… i’m ill. it’s a condition i realized that i should be sharing… and i think i need advice — or help — regarding this problem: i can’t stop spending when i have money in the ATM! i think they call it the splurge syndrome.

i just can’t get rid of this ‘itch’ whenever i can still see cash in my ATM, specially if it reaches the amount wherein i could buy something i really fancy (say an iPod nano) for myself or for another person. and then before i know it, i’m still a week away from my next payday but my cash is only good for another 3 to 4 days, 5 to 6 if i really stretch my wallet!

that’s why i dread getting a credit card. i’m not sure how i will behave with a virtually limitless wallet (well, limitless until i’m neck-deep in debt. or sh*t. whichever comes first). i’m certain that i’ll be buying “this” and “that” and “ooohh, that looks nice” and “hey! she would love to have this” and “my dad could use this!” stuff.

on the other hand, i want a comfortable future. well, maybe not really ‘comfortable’ but rather a more foreseeable one. where i can be assured (no matter how little the assurance) that i will have something for a rainy day. that i can buy something big or spend on something really really major and be happy having waited and saved-up for it. have the house painted, maybe. get a new TV for the family. give the car a CD player/stereo or a new alarm system to replace the one that’s busted already. then maybe after accomplishing this, i may have conquered my illness and finally find the courage and get a credit card.

i guess the Aston Martin’s still out of the shopping list for now.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “ill”

  1. i have the same problem that im trying to cure, now i started to invest my money rather buy shoes and bags or something that i dont need, i learned my lesson.

    yeah. i really need to start saving up now… thanks for visiting luvgreen!

  2. I think that’s a phase that we all go/went through. =) Credit card is very helpful if used responsibly. And coming from a financial services industry, maintain a card to establish credit history. It’s good to hear you’re aware of the ‘syndrome’. That means it’s manageable to certain extent. =)

    @luvgreen: I’m have shoes and bags ‘sickness’ as well. But it’s in moderation now. Heehee. Sana tuluy tuloy na.

    i really need to see if i can control myself when i’m already armed with a credit card. hopefully i won’t need a ball and chain to control my spending. heehee

  3. It’s not really that hard if you’ve become disillusioned with materialism. Before buying anything, ask yourself if you really need it. If your inner voice is too accommodating, flip coins and decide based on heads and tails. And if that still doesn’t work, record in a notebook all the things you bought and put in there their prices. Then take a look at your log from time to time to see if there’s anything you’re buying that you don’t really need.

    i’ve been monitoring my expenses recently, actually. i’ve seen where i tend to overspend. my trouble now is this certain degree of ‘generosity’ where i want to spend for something for someone. oh well…

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