Boris Pasternak

“Fevrale dostat chernil i plakat,
Pisat O Fevrale navsnryd,
Poka grohochushaya slyakot
Vesnoyu charnoyu gorit.”

I bought the album Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor way back primarily because of the songs Fidelity and Better. But then I found the song Apres Moi as one of my favorites in the album. Apparently, the Russian part is from a poem by Boris Pasternak, a Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1958. But not with this poem though. 😀

And after repeating the name over and over again, I somehow recall something else. I remember a tune. “It’s so familiar to me,” I said to myself. and then WHAM! It hit me! He was mentioned in one of the other songs that I just love to listen to: We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel!

“…Little Rock
Mickey Mantle

Looks like I just added another one to my “to know” and “to read” list.

Sana close kami para first name-basis. 😛 PEACE! 😀