sawa na?

di naman ako tipo ng tao na madaling magsawa. pero minsan talaga, i feel short-changed… or is it because of the feeling na i HAVE TO settle for ‘mediocre’ stuff or stuff that i don’t ‘love’ love? i think this is one of those days.

case in point: my new cellphone.

i broke my phone over a month ago and had to replace it. of course, when you go shopping for stuff, you get to see what’s available, what’s hi-tech and what’s worth every centavo you’re going to spend. i had my eye on lots of phones… but my pockets were somewhere else.

my wallet has always been the indicator of what i could have vs. what i wanted. i’ve always been the i’ll-buy-what-i-can-afford guy. so i usually end up with something that’s (a)best bang for the buck items or (b)things i just need, not what i want, or (c)both.

oo nga, meron ako ng kailangan ko pero di ko naman talaga gustong gusto. yun kaya yun? kaya ba nagsasawa na ako? or talagang nagtitiyaga lang ako? hay…

2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “sawa na?”

  1. totoo ka jan dhey!
    ako, minsan kung hindi naman kalabisan sinusunod ko pa rin naman kung ano ang gusto ko. pero priority ko nga lang ang needs ng pamilya ko.

    yeah, priorities change pag may pamilya na (or may GF). 😀 ahehehe… ramdam na ramdam ko yun!!!

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