apologies first

i know i owe a whole lot of tags and awards from people. please bear with me… 🙂 i believe some blogs should be written with some thought but others need deep thought when writing. and a whole lot of grammar-checking! lolz… so to everyone whom i owe a reply/tag/award to, please be patient. 🙂 will try to keep up after the storm in the office is over.

thanks for understanding!!!

random thought: maganda o mabait?

everytime i have these conversations about break-ups and finding your ex having a new gf/bf, you often ask, “bakit niya ako pinagpalit?

when you see them, you immediately say, “mas maganda naman ako sa kaniya ah?“or when you see a ‘mismatched’ couple, you’d always say, “baka mabait yung guy/girl

but come to think of it, isn’t that what’s more important? hindi ba mas mahalaga talaga ang maging mabait kesa maging maganda?

or is it just because you’re fresh from a break-up, you tend to comfort yourself with disapproval of the other by saying things that are ‘significant’ to you? wala lang. random thought nga eh, diba?