nope, it isn’t the neighboring town of Smallville where you might find a Spice Girl or Bratz hanging around. 😛 (yeah, it’s a pathetic introductory sentence but what the heck! i can’t think with all that’s keeping me busy!) PoshVille is actually a small online ‘sideline’ of a friend who’s into selling laptop bags and sleeves for the ‘posh’ student or yuppie. 🙂

Posh is a real nice description for these babies coz they are quite smart and fashionable. the items come in really nice designs, simple patterns and shapes. so this might not be for you if you’re a loud person and likes bright stuff but what’s keeping you from adding a little ribbon here, stickers there, to personalize it a little? it becomes a canvass for you to get your creative mind started!

the sleeves are great for students, in my opinion. it’s a discreet sleeve you can just stow away in your backpack or maybe carry it around.  you don’t have to deal with that boring black or grey case/sleeve. plus, you don’t have to pull it out of the sleeve! open it up from the sides and voila! easy-access to your laptop and easily close and stash it away! 🙂 they come with a clutch bag that matches your folder/sleeve for your charger as well. see? pretty neat!!!

and surprisingly, the ones that i thought are for the ‘formal’ person, are the ones that i actually like for the fashionista! the laptop bags have a strap if you don’t want to carry them with one hand. just sling it over your shoulder and go! i like most here are the purple and green bags. they’re just so~ uber cute!!! 🙂

the items are reasonably priced. P700.00 for the sleeves and P800.00 for the bags. check ’em out, try ’em out!

not a paid post.