sing me a song but sing it to me right

why is it easier for people to let out emotions through songs? but it’s funny, too, that when you thought you said what you wanted to say in the song you sang/picked/composed/borrowed, s**t happens. (it’s not soot)

this post is post-LQ or post-discussion, actually so there are no bad feelings involved anymore. just thoughts. (A, post- na ha? meaning tapos na.)

yes, it’s easy to misunderstand things that are abstract at times, especially when one is influenced by one’s emotions. or gut-feel. or intuition perhaps? but sometimes, it pays not to dwell in the thoughts that could only give us sorrow and pain but stay in the mindset where everything is happy and cheery.

of course, this is at the risk of being disillusioned that everything is “honky-donkey” and a-OK. then, i guess, confrontation is the best key but in such a manner where you will not expose yourself too much of your perceptions of the thing that is seen/heard. that way, you would have not hurt the one who may have had good intentions regarding the post but was let-down because of such a misunderstanding. nevertheless, it must be taken as constructively as possible by the poster that this has may cause troubles and must be careful, next time, in posting such things.

note to self: include an explanatory line/paragraph with every song posted.