stick to the basics?

i wish i could afford to start this “spoil-day friday” idea on my head.
and, no, it’s not about which leftovers spoiled over the week. plan is to starve myself to death but spoil myself on a friday. 😀 hahaha…

anyway, i got a large SBC Banana Caramel Javakula today. took it out for a spin on my way to work and it perked me up from the moment the wonderful concoction hit my lips after passing through the long scarlet cylindrical apparatus we fondly call a straw. LOL. (nagpapanggap na sosyal at henyo)

anyway, i tasted it and it was fine. it tasted a bit too artificial for me. i know how a banana should taste but that wasn’t the point of this beverage in my case. it was there to make me happy. [but i did expect the ‘twist’ because of the banana.]

so, did it make me happy?

it might not be the coffee. i think i should’ve added an extra shot. it wasn’t the ice. it wasn’t the non-existent banana (then why mention the banana at al!! pft!). it was the shredded chocolate and the sugar and the cream with caramel — looks like the basic things that are already good in the first place.

lesson for the first spoil-day friday — stick to the basics. i guess. i’m happy now. 🙂

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