i dunno what’s actually wrong with me today. actually, it’s been since yesterday. i have tasks to do. i have things to finish and perform but can’t seem to organize anything. i tried sleeping earlier last night but i still woke up with a brain floating on air. tried to make up for it by coming early to work and still found myself nowhere near productive. opened, excel, opened word, opened the net, went online… nothing. tried chatting it up to get me going, got my cup of coffee… NOTHING!!!

and now, using opera instead of firefox, my post is going haywire. whenever i press “enter” it goes back to the top of the paragraph and inserts the space there!!! arrrrrggghhh…

i need to accopmlish at least one thing today. i was hoping it would be this post. but it’s just given me another reason to have a headache…

it’s friday the 13th. no wonder.

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