di lang ako naka-post nung bday ko kasi… wala lang. ayaw ko mag-post sa bday ko. 🙂 pero na-excite at natuwa talaga ako sa mga natanggap ko.

the day didn’t start off as well as i had hoped. nevertheless, i didn’t take it as foreboding of what was to happen the rest of the day. and i’m happy to say that it wasn’t! 🙂

i arrived at work late. and kuya henry handed me this package. expecting it was from our davao station, i was surprised to see it came from a different sender. it came from a certain “maritoni platon tiu” and it was just from manila. i scratched my head as i took the package and went upstairs to the office. but carrying the contents, i thought i felt a metal spiral of some sort. and instantly i realized who maritoni tiu was, what was inside and why i received a package from a complete “stranger”!!!

it was just one surprise that instantly brightened up my birthday. 🙂 i told miss toni that i got the gift and her timing was impeccable ‘coz i got my prize on my birthday! how cool was that?! 🙂 (and the card was cute, too, miss toni. *sniffle*)

and so, after the excitement of opening an unexpected gift went down a bit, i went back to work. and just waited for 530 to come so i could attend class at 6PM. but another surprise was just around the corner. or, rather, next-door — literally!

the Airheads of MO have always planned ‘surprise’ parties for birthday celebrants. i was actually expecting this ‘surprise’ already but not on my birthday simply because june 9 was a holiday and i assumed they didn’t have the chance to plot and connive to get stuff for my birthday on the day itself. but it was a pleasant surprise that the ordinary coffee break we always had at RCS had turned into my birthday surprise! as an added bonus, i even had Doc Estoque no less, play the guitar for me and sing to me “happy birthday to you”!

simple lang ang handa. pansit bihon from goldilocks, espasol courtesy of soli, and mango float courtesy of mama melle and niño (labor of love ito! 🙂 ). have some Coke or coffee with those, add a lot of stories, conversations and jokes, and you have a great party! 🙂

minsan lang ako mag-birthday ng ganun. maybe because i didn’t expect stuff and they just came in shovels! na-overwhelm ako and na-touch talaga… from the unintentional to the intentional gifts, material and immaterial gifts. maybe it’s another gift din… from Him. 🙂

i just love surprises. 🙂

One thought on “surprises”

  1. hi dhey!

    belated happy birthday to you.

    nagutom naman ako ng nakita ko ung pansit bihon na yan.

    and i swear, it’s one of the best-tasting pancit anywhere. i’m easy… mababaw lang kaligayahan ko. 🙂 thank you sa pagbati!

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