not sexy

it’s normal to not feel sexy — for me at least. if you have a 38-inch waist line, “sexy” is hardly a word i’d use to describe myself. even more likely not to use it when you’ve just ripped your pants.

yes. yesterday was just like any other ordinary working day. then my officemate came in to check on the PC we had been fixing last week and ran memtest the day before. we left it running the test overnight in the office. i said it was running fine and he said he’ll be back and just get some tools to close it up. he left and i squatted to shut it down (it was on the floor for the lack of desktop space and need for a wall outlet) and RRRRRRRRRRIIIIIP!!!

after 2 seconds of blank thoughts, i got up and tried to check. 2-inches… not bad. but i did feel conscious about how it would look. what would my officemates say? besides, it was going to show some flesh and a peek at my immaculately white knickers. ok that’s too much information.

my solution: inspiration from kuya eli. he would clean our room and wipe the desktops and everything. and he’d stick his rag in the rear pockets of his pants. *ding!* so that’s what i did. it saved me through lunch and the afternoon break.

as the day moved forward, with all this moving about, it just got larger and larger in such a way that my ‘tail’ couldn’t cover it any more. so instead of showing off some skin (ewwwww…), i put my handkerchief on the inside of my pants. i couldn’t find a sewing kit so all i could do was pray that it would fall down to my feet. good thing it lasted til i got home. also, my messenger bag helped a lot while i was walking home. i slung it low to cover up my back side. whew!

haaay… so not glamorous. so not sexy…

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