meeting deadlines

i’ve always hated deadlines. there like a collar on your neck getting tighter and tighter as the days move along. they are reminders of the things that you should be conscious about and impending doom.

but not always.

i’ve got a couple of deadlines, myself, this week. running programs at the office, fixing the module for the side job i’m taking, losing at least an inch off my waist… not getting anything done makes me feel frustrated and achieving nothing despite having a deadline isn’t exactly encouraging in one’s career.

but amusingly, i THRIVE ON DEADLINES! they keep me focused, they are indicators of my progress, and actually are helpful to my job. otherwise, i’d just spend a whole day watching Ugly Betty online. 😀 procrastination — it’s the law! 😛

and so, another one comes along. today’s miss toni‘s deadline for her blog-niversary (yeah, i made that up and it’s so corny) contest. rules are found here and posted below:

Here are the rules:
1. Write about your favorite Wifely Steps entry in your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, why not create one now? ;) )
2. Link back to
3. Leave a comment in this entry, leading to your post.

I’ll send the prize to wherever you are, but I won’t be responsible if it gets lost in the snail mail blackhole, deal? Let’s cross our fingers and hope that doesn’t happen!

This contest will run for ten days. You can enter the contest till May 30, 11.59pm Manila time. I will draw the winners via ye olde fashioned tombola (a.k.a. a candy jar).

i’ve been reading her blog since i joined Lasang Pinoy. She was hosting the Oh My Gulay theme of LP that time, if i remember right. Her blog was simple, a joy to read, plus her stories i could relate to — and i’m neither woman nor married! and i get to learn some smooth lines from her husby when she posts them. 😉 heehee…

i can’t say really that i have a favorite entry in her blog. i like the food, i like the bright and simple ideas, i love the stories, i like the silly finds on the internet and i love the quirky poses in pictures. although i will say i skip the twilight stuff since i’m not interested… yet. but who knows? a little more time on her blog might change my mind. [and more time to for leisure reading, please Lord!]

P.S. and finally, i found batjay’s first book! iska has told me about it but could never find one on NBS. found one on powerbooks when A and i went to megamall some weekday night. couldn’t resist buying it. 🙂

One thought on “meeting deadlines”

  1. Well well well! First of all, thanks for this wonderful entry. and now…

    Congratulations! You’re one of the 5 winners in my journal contest. You win one of the smaller sized journals and a set of magnetized journals. 🙂 Please send me an email on where I can best send your prize.

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