green and yellow

just thinking about them makes my mouth swim in saliva. 😀 it’s mango season again!!!

since we have a few mango trees in the office grounds (and fortunately this year, we got ahead of the security guards in getting them), we had a supply of mangoes this year… from the room on the second floor, the green mangoes have this clean, attractive look — no blemishes, no dark spots, no insect eggs or droppings — just this soft green color with a thin layer of powder from i don’t know where. so pretty…

and then at home, my brother-in-law brought about 2 dozen ripe mangoes. oh the fragrant sweet smell! i could almost taste em just by sniffing. had a bowl of ’em last week. two pieces, slice the cheeks off, cut into cubes, shave the meat on the seed (haha… just couldn’t get enough of it), add crushed ice and a little milk. no need to add sugar! and i ate everything in a fraction of the time that it took me to make the whole thing. but it was so~ great! i loved every mouthful…

i will satisfy my sweet tooth again this weekend i’m sure. maybe i’ll get whipped cream from the supermarket. but for now, i’ll look forward to lunch… too bad no bagoong this week. salt or patis would do for now. 😀

yellow mangoes

photo from


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