surprised but saddened

<playing Theme from Schindler’s LIst>

feeling a lot melancholic today. the day didn’t start too well. felt sick… coming down with the flu? but i still came to work. then went about the regular checks for my boss. printed the results, and went to his office. and surprise! there’s a 12-inch TV in his room! with his reclining chair in front of it. “nothing wrong with it”, you might say… “it’s actually conservative since he didn’t put a 21 inch TV and large surround speakers.”

maybe. but he’s 84 years old.


what person in his right mind would work in an office 7:30AM to 5:00PM everyday, and sometimes on Saturdays at age 84?!

it’s really a vocation. a dedication of your life to something you are passionate about.

but with what i saw this morning in his room, i can feel that he’s already feeling his age. i think he’s getting tired. i guess. or is that just me trying to read too much on something simple like he just wants to watch news sometimes. or is it me who’s getting tired and wanting a break?

just sad… so sad.

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