wala ng ulan! yey!!!

after so many rainy evenings and afternoons, mukhang simula na ng hindi pag-ulan-ulan ulit.

so why in this heat would i NOT want it to rain? kasi naman, may naka-schedule kaming stargazing this saturday evening! mamayang hapon, pag-iisipan at pag-uusapan pa pano at ano ang gagawin.

this isn’t my first stargazing activity. we have this at the office kapag trip lang namen. pero in a more formal sense na may audience at magsasalita, this will just be my 2nd time. i was tasked before to talk about the technical part since i have a background in stellar observation/navigation dahil GE ako. (akalain mo yun! nagagamit pala ang GE166 sa totoong buhay?! amaaazing!) it was more of star-location — kung paano mahahanap ang isang star given its “coordinates”. that was fine when i presented it first dahil college students naman audience namen. pero this time, mga bata naman… ages 7 to 16! now i have to find a way to simplify this. garrrrr…

stellarium constellations

one idea is to use this funky program i have: Stellarium! it’s free and downloadable. you can even zoom into planets and galaxies. well, before GoogleEarth added the planetarium to its list of programs, this was the most convenient and easy to understand. actually, as an exploration tool, i prefer stellarium. pero GoogleSky is good for information since it’s tied to Wiki. you just don’t get pics, you also get info on demand.

so mamaya nga, we will be discussing how the activity will work out. and what should be done. hay… sana kayanin ko ‘to.


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