ngiti naman jan. :)

binuksan ko email account ng boss ko today to get his mail. oo, parang secretary na din ang trabaho ko every morning. pwera lang pagtimpla ng kape. brandy ang iniinom ng boss ko eh. hehe…

i found an inspirational email. natawa ako at natuwa… naisip ko din na ‘oo nga noh? special ba talaga ang pilipinas sa paningin ng Diyos?’ it’s a nice thought.

A man in Topeka , Kansas decided to write a book about churches around the world. He started by flying to San Francisco and started working east from there. Going to a very large church, he began taking photographs and making notes.

He spotted a golden telephone on the vestibule wall and was intrigued with a sign, which read ‘Calls: $10,000 a minute’ Seeking out the pastor he asked about the phone and the sign. The pastor answered that this golden phone is, in fact, a direct line to heaven and if he pays the price he can talk directly to GOD.

The man thanked the pastor and continued on his way. As he continued to visit churches in Paris , France , Cairo , Egypt , Hong Kong in China , and around the World , he found more phones, with the same sign, and the same answer from each priest.

Finally, he arrived in Philippines, upon entering a church ln Manila, Philippines, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, behold – he saw the usual golden telephone. But THIS time, the sign read ‘Calls: 35 cents.’

Fascinated, he asked to talk to the Priest, ‘Father, I have been in cities all across the world and in each church I have found this golden telephone and have been told it is a direct line to Heaven and that I could talk to GOD, but in the other churches the cost was $10,000 a minute. Your sign reads only 35 cents a call. Why?’

The priest, smiling benignly, replied, ‘Son, you’re in the Philippines now ……. You’re in God’s Country, It’s a local call.’

2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “ngiti naman jan. :)”

  1. Are we really? Coz I don’t think they have such a hateful government in the rest of the world?

    that would be the “except for one small thing” line of Jeremy Clarkson. now that you mentioned it, it’s amusing to see this and yet hear about people complaining about this ‘God-forsaken country’ (myself included). i may not always agree that we should be side-tracked by these amusing stories, we must also remain faithful that God is watching. even our dearly beloved politicians.

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