do i need a reason

naalala ko lang ngayon na last week, papasok ako sa work, medyo mainit na ang sikat ng araw (bandang 9AM na). but the feeling was really sort of glorious, bathing under the sun, feeling it on you face. i look up at the clear blue sky over the trees that have just started sprouting leaves again. then with my mp3 player on ‘radio mode’, this song started playing and i instantly turned into a crazy kid, imagining i was filming a music video.

i was daydreaming.

everything just looked perfect to me that time. i knew i looked weird smiling and with a daft expression on my face while walking towards work, but i felt really pleased and happy then. i didn’t care about the heat or the long walk or being late or the jet lag. i just felt really really good listening to it.

i think i found another feel good song. 🙂